Integrate With Zoho

Managing & Simplifying Business Activities via Zoho Products

The Real PBX, with its best in class cloud-based communication services, has been exceling the graph & supplementing business’s communication services. Right from measuring your business’s performance & strategies, it has been outshining in providing cutting- edge telephony services. Integrating Zoho Products services to get access to click to call functionality & other useful services, The Real PBX is providing best- in- class tools & services.

Integrating The Real PBX with Zoho Products

Once “The Real PBX” account gets integrated with Zoho Products, you are facilitated with the following features:

  • View Business card of the contacts while you receive an incoming call or when you initiate an outbound call to a Zoho Products contact via The Real PBX.
  • View call log of The Real PBX.
  • Access to Click- to- Call functionality.
  • Adding follow-up activities at the end of each call.
  • Create new contacts while you are on calls with new leads.

Please contact support at: 8000843663 for further assistance. You may also email at

Step1: Signing in to The Real PBX

  1. Login to your The Real PBX
  2. Click on the Services tab on the side-navigation.
  3. Click
  4. Enable Zoho Products by clicking the toggle button.
  5. Click on

Step 2: Configuring “The Real PBX” with Zoho Products

  1. Enable Zoho Products integration.

  1. Select the Extension from the drop-down list and click on Integrate Zohobridge.

Step 3: Authorizing Zoho Products Account

  1. Next step redirects you to Zoho authentication page where you need to Accept the access of The Real PBX.

  1. Once you accept the permission to access data by The Real PBX, it displays a success screen.
  2. Click on Go To Zoho Products.

  1. It redirects you to Zoho Products page.
  2. Click on Access Zoho to further open Zoho Products Portal integrated with The Real PBX.

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