Features overview

See the powerful features available with the cloud phone system for businesses of all sizes.


See the powerful features available with the cloud phone system for
businesses of all sizes.

Calling Features

Call Blast

Broadcast your message to a thousands of clients instantly. Give a boost to your customer access.

Call Return

Make a return call, effortlessly. Make sure you don’t miss out on a lead that could be promising.

Call Hunting

A busy phone line means an annoyed customer. With call hunt you get alternative numbers to attend the same call.

Call Waiting

Assure your customers that their calls will be attended shortly if the line is busy. A call back is given if the customer cuts the call.

Call Parking

If the agent is busy then an arriving call can be taken by an available agent on a different extension while the caller listens to the hold music.

Call Transfer

Guide a caller to the most appropriate destination with the help of call transfer. Every call is directed to the best receiving end.

Call Blocking

No worry about unsolicited calls. Take only those calls that are worthwhile for your business, block the rest.

Repeat Dial

An automatic redial saves a lot of time and effort. This is just an innovative alternative of manual dialing.

Call Recording

Understand your customers better by analyzing the recorded conversation and bring needful changes to your business.

Unlimited Calling

The unlimited calling feature helps you to stay relaxed with the number of calls you can make.

Call Forwarding

A call forwarded to a suitable extension expedites the whole process. Use this feature for a seamless experience.

Call Conferencing

Include more number of people as well as teams to reach at unanimous solution for a problem.

Find me/Follow me

Transfer the customer call to alternative numbers and get connected with your customers even when you are on the move.

Group Call Pick-Up

A feature that helps you direct the calls from a set of numbers to a particular extension to make the scenario helpful.

Call Screening

In this feature, you can put certain numbers in a list that you don’t want to deal with. Create your own block list.

Click to Call

It reduces the hassle behind a call. You can initiate a call with just one click of your mouse.

0800 Numbers

Get an easy communication channel for your customers to reach your services that too free of cost.

DID Numbers

Get a virtual number to route the calls to the existing phone lines. DID numbers route and process many calls to the desired extension.


Never miss a customer call when you cannot answer the phone.


Receive all your voicemail messages directly in your emails and listen to them anytime, anywhere.

Call Management & Reporting

Music On Hold

Customers listen to a pleasant music while they wait for the call to connect. It makes the waiting time easier.

Unlimited Extensions

One phone line can lead to many extensions. It makes the caller reach to the right destination easily.

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

Intelligent call distribution that helps to reduce the load and expedite the customer support process.

Call Queue Management

You can easily manage the call volume by effective call queue management. Now take that call first that is necessary.

Call Barge

Chip in the ongoing conversation to help the agent without being heard by the caller.

Predictive Dialing

Algorithm based intelligent dialing solution that makes the customers more likely to take the call.

DNC List

Now make your own “Do Not Call” list that helps to save the agent’s time by deploying them to the right customers.

Scheduled Call Back

Do not miss out on a promising lead. Schedule a call back, making sure to reconnect with a customer.

Customized Message

Now make your customers listen a recorded, customized message to get a broader attention span of the customers.

Answering Machine Detection (AMD)

The automatic dialer detects an answering machine on the other side and connects the call only when there is a human on the other side.

Real-Time Visual Call Display (Reporting)

To monitor the efficiency the real-time reports are always available that further help to bring in meaningful changes.

Other Features

Internet Fax

Easily send and receive faxes from your PC, mobile phone, Microsoft Office and much more.

Video Conferencing

Host live interactive meetings with your colleagues, business partners and clients.

Web Conferencing

Easily share from your desktop, presentations, word file, spreadsheets and more with your colleagues and clients.

Business App Integration

Integrate with various business application such as CRM, marketing software and more to increase your business productivity.

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