0800 numbers and Non-geo numbers

For businesses wanting to do more for their customers.

Plans & Pricing

Witness Amazing Growth In Sale Calls With our Free Phone Numbers

A Free Phone Number not only kills the worries of call cost at the customer’s end, but also adds value to your business. The Real PBX brings numerous advantages to traditional Toll Free services with Better Management, Effective Handling, Quicker Results, & Growing Profit.

International Numbers

Go beyond the UK, with Free Phone Numbers to serve your clients in other parts of the world with our international numbers.

Vanity Numbers

Grab more attention from clients and increase your brand’s reputation with vanity free phone numbers at nominal pricing.

Local Numbers

Expand the reach of your business communication to regions with a larger customer base to you with our local numbers.

Establish Local Presence All Over The Globe

The Real PBX Offers Local Numbers For Different States & Countries To Help You Establish Presence In Emerging Markets All Over The World.

  • Forward/ divert calls to any number.
  • Monitor live calls remotely.
  • Time-of-day routing feature.
  • Auto-answer and IVR enabled for low workforce needs.
  • Customized greeting to greet callers in local language.

Escalating Business With Vanity Numbers

Vanity Numbers of your choice that can relate to your business name or service that you offer brings in more attention from the callers.

  • Wide number range to choose from
  • Vanity number available for different countries
  • Transparent billing portal
  • Adaptable with desktop and mobile devices

Be Local All Over the Globe

The Real PBX offers local numbers for different states & countries to help you establish presence in the markets that you are targeting.

  • Forward/ divert calls to any number
  • Monitor live calls remotely
  • Time-of-day routing feature
  • Auto-answer and IVR enabled for low workforce needs
  • Customized greeting to greet in local language

Why Choose The Real PBX

Get free softphones for your entire calling staff with our Free Phone Numbers.

Quicker, transparent, and error-free billing with usage and plan tracking.

Manage ever changing business demands and stay available to callers from anywhere and anytime.

Free assistance 24×7 for all of our clients.

Top-notch data security measures to ensure client data privacy and security.

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